Running Adder

Requirements: Python 3.x. Adder has been tested under Python 3.1 on Linux (x86 and ARM). It ought to work under Windows (its only OS interaction is in file I/O, and it uses os.path for pathname manipulation), but I don't have a Windows box to test it on. I'll test it on Mac Real Soon Now.

At this point, Adder isn't really packaged up; you run it from the source tree. If the base directory of the tree is at /foo/bar/baz/adder, add it to your PYTHONPATH

PYTHONPATH = $PYTHONPATH:/foo/bar/baz/adder:/foo/bar/baz/adder/+modules+

(The +modules+ bit is so that Python can find modules written in Adder.)

To run an Adder program quux.+, do:

/foo/bar/baz/adder/ quux.+

The program is also the REPL:

$ ./
Loading prelude...done.
> (define (fact n)
(if (< n 2)
 (* n (fact (- n 1))))
> (fact 7)

There are a few sample scripts in .../adder/samples, and a few modules in .../adder/modules. You'll also want to read the language spec.