I have stopped working on doxml, because I found out that GNOME's libxml was also LGPL, which removed doxml's reason for existence. (The moral of the story is, never assume that the people who maintain the GNU task list have time to know about every piece of free software out there.) I'll leave it available here for a while, though.

doxml (pronounced "docs em ell") is a free software (LGPL) XML parser. The current version is 0.8.3: you can use it, and it has a manual, but it still needs convenience functions for walking the element tree. The name is a minor joke: it's short for "day-old XML", since the first version was written in under a day. It works, and I'm pretty sure it handles the complete spec, including namespaces.

The source is pure ANSI C; it does not (I'm pretty sure) contain anything that will not compile and run on any system with a compliant ANSI C compiler and libraries. All the source filenames are even 8.3, so as not to give Microsoft victims any additional grief.

doxml has been compiled and tested (successfully) on Linux and FreeBSD.

The source is available as a gzipped tarfile or as a zipfile. There is also an RPM for Linux (it was built on RedHat 6.0, on an Inteloid platform), which contains the precompiled library (static and dynamic), the headers, and the manual.

There is a mailing list.

doxml is copyright (C) 1999 by John Stracke