roamd 0.2.8

by John Stracke

roamd is a small, limited HTTP server that is just capable enough to support the roaming access feature of Netscape Communicator 4.5. This could be done with Apache, or another full-fledged Web server, but (a) that requires implementing extra methods (at least PUT), and (b) if you're using a full Web server, there may be security issues. In my case, my Web server is solely for my home LAN, and I didn't want to open up the firewall for it. Since roamd cannot be configured to give access to any files except your stored preferences, and since it is not extensible like a full Web server, I hope it is (or can become) safer than a full Web server.

Note: as of about June of 1999, I have essentially stopped working on roamd, partly because it meets my needs well enough now, but mostly because I no longer believe that the smaller server is likely to be safer (better to take Apache and strip it down). I have, however, just added one nice little feature: the bookmarks file is now delivered as text/html instead of text/plain. This means that, if you have an account on a roamd server, you can access your bookmarks from any browser (of course, you have to give it your password). Just take your base URL and add "/bookmarks".

roamd is listed at OpenLinx.

$Revision: 1.15 $
$Author: francis $
$Date: 1999/06/21 04:15:41 $

$Log: Index.html,v $
Revision 1.15  1999/06/21 04:15:41  francis
Documenting the bookmarks hack and the general inactivity

Revision 1.14  1999/03/21 01:53:45  francis
Documenting 0.2.7

Revision 1.13  1999/01/11 16:29:07  francis
Documenting the 0.2.6b releaselet

Revision 1.12  1999/01/11 16:20:39  francis
Documenting the 0.2.6a releaselet

Revision 1.11  1998/12/13 06:46:33  francis
Documenting improved platform support for 0.2.6

Revision 1.10  1998/12/13 06:38:20  francis
Documenting changes for 0.2.5

Revision 1.9  1998/12/11 16:33:43  francis
Updating for 0.2.4 release

Revision 1.8  1998/12/09 05:12:25  francis
Documenting that it's been tested on FreeBSD.
Removing GNU-make-specific code from the Makefile; documenting that.
Renumbering as 0.2.3.

Revision 1.7  1998/12/09 05:01:44  francis
Updating the "safer" claim (mirroring readme.html)

Revision 1.6  1998/12/09 04:52:40  francis
Adding documentation which I should have done for 0.2.1.  Releasing as 0.2.2

Revision 1.5  1998/12/09 04:33:50  francis
Labelling it 0.2.1

Revision 1.4  1998/12/07 00:16:27  francis
Adding link to OpenLinx

Revision 1.3  1998/12/06 19:48:53  francis
Labelling it version 0.2

Revision 1.2  1998/12/04 22:13:38  francis
Reordering license and download

Revision 1.1  1998/12/04 22:03:19  francis
Adding license terms to the source files.
Adding tryCrypt and tryCrypt.o to the clean target.
Deleting tryCrypt from the repository.
Adding Index.html and license.html.  Linking to license.html from
readme.html.  A bit of cosmetic work in readme.html.