John & Cynthia's Wedding


Hats are really easy.  The simplest versions for men and women have the same base, then you do different things to them.  When you read these, also check out the illustrations that we've copied elements from: 
Men's hats
Women's hats
Cut a length of fabric 7" x 35", on the straight grain.  Sew it into a tube, with one end closed.  Turn rightside out (hide the seams), stuff loosely with polyester fiberfill.  As you get within a foot of the end, check it by curling it around your head so you end up with the right size to sit on your head comfortably; make it a little snug so if you move your head around, it won't shift.
For a women's hat, you can then do any combination of the following: 
  • spiral-wrap a piece of ribbon or "pearls" around it
  • put a round pin in the center front 
  • pin a white-gauze veil to it 
You can wear it with your hair loose, or in a braid down your back, or in two braids looped over your ears and held in place with the hat.
For men, once you have the roll done, make a long cone-shaped tube whose widest end will fit on the inside of the roll.  It should be at least a yard long.  Tack this inside the roll so you have a weird looking hat.  When worn, this tube (called a liripipe) hangs down the back, or is looped under the chin and over the other shoulder. 

If you feel very adventurous, you can make "dags" which imitate the shoulder-portion of a hood.  Make another tube of fabric big enough to go inside the hat, and about a foot long; but instead of sewing it to the whole circumference, fold it in half and sew it along one side of the hat.  This hangs over the roll on the other side from where you route the liripipe.