His Lordship François Thibault

(mka John Stracke)

A TrueType font I made based on the Isabella Breviary

My arms: Argent, a cock gules and on a chief sable three dolmens argent I have been active in the SCA since July of XXVII. I have moved around a fair amount; I started out in the Atlantian shire of Border Vale Keep (mundanely Augusta, GA), but moved to the Barony of Ponte Alto four months later. It was in Ponte Alto that I first tried calligraphy and bought my first period flute. After just under a year, I moved again, to the Eastern shire of Blak Rose. In Blak Rose, I practiced scribing some more, including Celtic knotwork; but I was on my own (there was nobody in the shire to learn from; in fact, with essentially no qualifications, I started hosting a scriptorium and teaching what little I knew). Then, in June of XXXI, I moved to the Western shire of Crosston.

In Crosston, I found a more active scribe community, with people who could coax me out of my self-taught bad habits. In September of XXXII, I received my first scroll assignment; after fiddling with it for three or four months, I brought it with me to work on at Twelfth Night. It was the first time I'd worked on it except at scribes night (two hours a week), and I found that working on it for several hours at a time made the difference; I got into the groove and was able to keep working without losing my momentum. (Plus, it was nice to have people looking over my shoulder and going wow, even if I knew it wasn't deserved. :-) I now work on scrolls at events whenever I can. Over the next eight months, I completed six scrolls, received my Award of Arms, and took on the Principality scribe office.

I have now moved to the Shire of Hartshorn-Dale, in the Kingdom of the East. I am not very active locally, because of the demands of my new job. Just before my lady wife and I left the West, we were stunned to receive a couple of new awards.

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